SIX:02, a sister company of Foot Locker, sells highly-curated athleisure apparel and footwear for the modern young woman. With top names like Nike, Adidas & Ivy Park, they had brands with style cred — but lacked a uniquely differentiating story behind their own brand. 

They turned to us to transform their tagline ("Work Out. Hang Out. Go Out.") in to a social media strategy, with elevated content that would bring it to life. 

We created a new and differentiated voice for the brand that stood out from their competition, both visually and tonally. 


As lead copywriter, I helped establish a more original tone of voice for the brand, and create elevated stories that went beyond the simple product shot. 

But as part of a small, nimble team, my role on SIX:02 went beyond copywriting. I shopped and styled wardrobe, dressed sets, directed talent, and art-directed shoots. 


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